Compensation for Testing Curriculum

We are determined to design resources that are customized to meet your needs, so we are constantly running focus groups in order to test out our resources.

Teacher Profile 

Public school or public charter school teacher


Grades vary based on curriculum

What You Get

1. No lesson planning or curriculum creating!!! Free video classes, student activities, worksheets, online and in-class resources.

2. Flexible curriculum - Edit and adapt the lessons as needed.

3. Compensation - A $50 Amazon gift card is our way of saying THANKS.

4. Lead the Way - Help us create resources that are exactly what you want and need - your participation is a first step in joining our content creation team.

What You Give

1. Submit a DonorsChoose project requesting our resources--we will give you access to our course as soon as your project has been successfully submitted (we have a 100% funded rate and don’t want you to have to wait)

2. Teach the lessons.

3. Complete surveys to give us feedback.

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